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Manage a DPP & GS1 QR codefor Your Business Fast!

DPP & GS1 QR codes for manufacturers of consumer goods, food, electronics, all e-commerce merchants, and more. is a SaaS service that helps manage. helps you create and manage your Digital Product Passport and GS1 digital link and systematize your GS1 QR codes, helping you prepare for digital transformation in the EU market, increase your competitiveness and commitment to Sustainability & ESG.
Turn requirements into opportunities!

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Unlocking Business Potential with GS1 Standards

Empowering Your Businesswith Seamless Product Identification

Enhanced Product Identification

Say goodbye to product identification hassles. GS1 standards ensure accuracy, reliability, and universal recognition, making your products stand out in the market.

No hassle

Our team creates a seamless GS1 code management and data integration process for your products. You get ready-to-use interfaces and solutions.


Connect with confidence globally. GS1 standards provide a common language for businesses worldwide, fostering seamless communication across supply chains.

Efficiency and enhanced communication

Improve customer engagement and experience with a digital channel on every product: onboarding, manuals, up-sale and much more.

Partnered with the Ecosystem's Best

Let's build the EU Circular Economy together! Member of the CIRPASS Consortium

Authenticity, GEO triggering, Traceability, Product information, Transparency


Enhanced Product Identification

What is a Digital Product Passport?

In an effort to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the European Commission adopted the Ecodesign Sustainable Product Regulation (ESPR) strategy in late March 2022. Digital Product Passports (DPP) will facilitate brands in collecting and displaying data throughout the product lifecycle. The DPPs should be based on open standards and physically accessible to consumers on the product.

Turn compliance into opportunity!

  • Create a new high-quality digital interface for your product on all EU languages (image of page)

  • Collect additional data on your customers and QR reads

  • Use built-in triggering models to protect authenticity (Image of the dashboard)

  • Create engaging instruments to increase customer loyalty

Establish yourself as a future-conscious company that shares the values of sustainability and smart consumption.

Expand your business horizons - use to improve service quality and save resources!

Based on GTIN GS1 digital link

DPP of your product will be prioritized in Google and other search engines.

Enhanced Product Identification

Full compliance with Ecodesign Sustainable Product Regulation (ESPR) & General Product Safety Regulation (GPSR)

Digital Product Passport

The ESPR will be progressively implemented for all industries starting from 2026. It mandates that all products in the European market must provide a Digital Product Passport.

Verified by GS1

Verified by GS1 makes it easy to search, look up and verify information about any barcode number (GTIN, UPC, EAN), location (GLN), company or other GS1 key (SSCC).

Digital manual, onboarding and up-sale

Power loyalty with direct-to-consumer engagement made easy.
(NPS/Lottery/Rating/Form to Write a Review)

AI translation of manuals

Add product manuals and labels and will automatically translate them into EU languages.


Deep supply chain analytics. Thanks to the GS1 global network, Fluxy clients have the opportunity to set up desktops and analyze data from the raw material supplier to the end consumer.

More on Services
Direct marketing, enhanced engagement, Product registration, Reviews, Custom form

Digital manual, onboarding and up-sale

Engagement Tools at Your Fingertips

  • Upload a digital version of the product manual

  • Utilize automatic translation to all EU languages

  • Engage customers with product onboarding and collect first-party data

Unique CMS for Your Marketing, Upselling, and Gamification

  • Quizzes, lotteries, games, and puzzles. Any mechanics you need for customer interaction (picture of a spinning wheel)

  • Accessories, similar products, bundles. E-commerce ready tools.

  • Everything you need for customer interaction

A unique tool with AI:
DPP by product packaging photo

Shoot a picture of your package

Add a GS1 code

Update data

Get QR code.
Basic DPP is ready!


Ready to elevate your business with DPP&GS1?
Let's start the journey together.
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Product Passport

Demystifying the EU's Digital Product Passport Legislation

The ESPR will be progressively implemented for all industries starting from 2026. It mandates that all products in the European market must provide a Digital Product Passport.

Turn regulatory compliance into a business advantage!

  • With our solution, every GS1 QR code scan directs customers to your Digital Product Passport page, providing all relevant product information

  • Manage your product data without hassle. All the EU languages at once.

  • Utilize the data from QR code scans to benefit your business

  • Collect user reviews and feedback (pic)

Detailed information, Product descriptions, Legal information, Authenticity


Demo DPP
Demo DPP
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