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Fluxy is a pioneering European SaaS platform offering universal services designed to shape sustainable interactions and initiate meaningful change in the digital sphere.
Designed to meet European standards of sustainability and data security, our services include dynamic link management, dynamic QR code generation, No-code mobile site editor and analytics.
To validate product quality assurance from private EU product manufacturers, we are implementing a Product Verification service based on GS1 standard and blockchain technology.

Beyond being a technological solution, Fluxy is a commitment to sustainability and responsible digital practices, minimizing environmental impact and investing in eco-friendly initiatives across Europe.

"We are not just a platform, we are a movement, inviting users and businesses to join us in fostering a greener and more sustainable digital landscape.

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Fluxy - Free QR & Short Link
| According to a report by IBISWorld, the average restaurant uses around 100,000 pieces of paper per year on menus, promotional materials, and other marketing materials.
100,000 pieces of paper used by the average restaurant per year would require around 2 trees to produce.
| In addition to paper, the process of producing and distributing advertising leads to CO2 emissions.
It is estimated that the Spanish catering industry alone emits
1,000,000,000 kg of CO2 per year.
| Going digital could potentially save all of these trees, as well as other natural resources used in paper production such as water and energy.