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The Potential of the EU Digital Product Passport (DPP) for Sustainable Value Chains

In a world where sustainability is key, the EU Digital Product Passport (DPP) is set to revolutionize how we approach circularity and economic growth. Currently, our recycling efforts only capture a fraction of their potential, with hazardous waste streams recycling rates at a mere 25-35%. However, by boosting these rates to 80-90%, we could save a remarkable 40-50 billion tons of CO2 emissions by 2040, surpassing the entire global CO2 output for 2019.

The DPP, spearheaded by the European Union, is a groundbreaking regulatory tool designed to promote circularity from inception. It enables seamless sharing of product information throughout its lifecycle, fostering transparency and driving circular practices.

While the final structure of the DPP is still being agreed, it is scheduled to be phased in from 2024, with its potential impact spread across eight priority sectors, including electronics, vehicles, textiles, plastics and chemicals, and food. Regulations on textiles and alcoholic beverages will be implemented from 2023-2024.

For wines and aromatised wines (irrespective of their origin), EU Regulation 2021/21171 an obligation to indicate the list of ingredients and nutritional information. This Regulation will enter into force 8 December 2023 and modernises the way information is provided to consumers by allowing manufacturers to make the new required information available, through electronic labels.

Despite its promise, the DPP faces challenges, including undefined scopes, technologies, and data governance. Nevertheless, its ability to decouple economic growth from resource extraction and emissions presents an urgent call to action. Businesses stand to benefit from early adoption, as it offers them a chance to influence regulation, enhance compliance, and boost resilience.

The impending impact of the EU DPP is undeniable, with businesses compelled to act swiftly to prepare for its enforcement in the EU market. By embracing DPP regulations, companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, attract environmentally conscious consumers, and bolster their corporate responsibility credentials. Moreover, compliance with DPP guidelines can lead to improved transparency, resilience, and investment opportunities.

To prepare for the DPP implementation, companies can take proactive steps, including:

  • Engaging in shaping DPP regulations through stakeholder consultations.

  • Assessing data availability and bridging existing gaps to meet DPP requirements.

  • Facilitating organizational readiness by involving relevant departments and experts.

  • Planning for technological adaptations to align with DPP guidelines.

As a member of the Cirpass consortium, Fluxy.One is now ready to offer a solution for implementing DPP in your business processes.

In conclusion, the EU DPP represents a significant leap towards a circular economy, albeit with challenges that require careful navigation. Collaboration between businesses, NGOs, and regulatory bodies is paramount to ensure its successful rollout. By embracing the DPP framework early on, companies can position themselves as leaders in sustainability and readiness for similar regulations worldwide.

Are you ready to get your business off the ground with DPP&GS1?

Often, additional regulation seems like an unnecessary burden. That's why the team enriches the core features of the Digital Product Passport with additional tools for business development and direct communication with consumers:

Engagement tools at your fingertips:

- Download the digital version of the product manual

- Use automatic translation in all EU languages

- Engage your customers with your product and collect first-party data.

DPP by

Unique CMS for your marketing, upselling and gamification needs:

- Quizzes, lotteries, games and puzzles. Any mechanics needed for customer interaction (spinning wheel image).

- Accessories, similar products, bundles. E-commerce tools.

- Everything you need to interact with your customers

Extras DPP by

Please note: Only DPPs based on GS1 codes will be effective and meet all the requirements of the regulator. Read more about GS1 at

Let's start the journey together!



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