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Digital Product Passport and Circular Economy: The Future of Sustainable Business

circular economy

Circular Economy is a concept where resources are seen not as single-use material, but as valuable assets that can be used again and again. Instead of discarding products after use, we return them to the production process, reducing waste and protecting the environment.

Now imagine you're a small or medium-sized business in Europe. You want to become more sustainable and efficient, but how? That's where the Digital Product Passport (DPP) comes in, and it's the area where the Fluxy.One project shines the brightest.

DPP is a digital label that accompanies a product throughout its lifecycle. It contains information about how the product was made, where and how it can be disposed of, and much more. Fluxy.One offers an innovative platform for creating and managing DPPs, making this process quick and easy for businesses of any size.

Benefits for SMBs:

1. Time and Resource Savings: Fluxy.One enables quick and efficient creation and management of digital passports for products. Including automatic translation of all necessary consumer information into EU languages

2. Enhanced Competitiveness: With clear and accessible information about their products, SMBs can better compete in the market. Consumers are increasingly paying attention to the sustainability and origin of products, and DPP helps SMBs meet their needs

3. Improved Risk Management: With DPP on the Fluxy.One platform, SMBs can better control their supply chain and manage risks related to product quality and compliance with standards

What does it look like for us, ordinary consumers? We see the product with a Digital Product Passport and can verify its quality and origin, learn about its environmental impact and how to properly dispose of it.

Benefits for End Consumers:

1. Transparency and Trust: Thanks to DPP, consumers gain access to detailed information about the product, including its origin, composition, and environmental characteristics. This helps them make informed purchasing decisions and build trust with manufacturers.

2. Safety and Confidence: Knowing that a product has a digital passport confirming its quality and compliance with standards, consumers feel more confident and secure when purchasing and using it.

3. Environmental Awareness: DPP helps consumers choose products that align with their values ​​in terms of sustainable development and environmental protection.

GS1 GTIN codes are international product identification standards that ensure consistency and reliability in the exchange of product information. Fluxy.One integrates DPP with GS1 GTIN codes, making the process even more convenient and efficient.

The Fluxy.One project combines the concepts of the Circular Economy and the Digital Product Passport to help businesses become more sustainable and efficient and consumers make informed decisions. As a result, we will create a cleaner, greener and more sustainable world for all of us.


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